"Now, it is possible for us, here at the clinic, to decide for Holter Monitoring and initiate the examination and treatment of the patients earlier. Elderly and fragile patients who may not have the energy to visit the outpatient clinic can now be monitored with us."
— Dr. Sara Pries Jensen, General Practitioner, Grøndal Medical doctors

“When needed, we have received ongoing support to e.g. installation and management of the software and
the device. Many thanks to Customer Support for very pleasant support. We at the HeartDoctor (HjerteDoktoren) are extremely satisfied and happy with the collaboration with Cortrium.” 

— Elisabeth Wedell-Wedellsborg, Nurse at Grondal Medical Doctors

“From a medical point of view, we meet all medical criteria for modern rhythm diagnostics. In addition, there is a high economic benefit by spending less doctor time and receiving fast results. In my opinion, the C3⁺ will soon become the gold standard in long-term ECG diagnostics.”

— Dr. Rodenbach, Kardiologie ze:roPraxen Mannheim

“In the REAFEL study, we have been working with the Holter Monitoring for a year and 20 patients have been wearing the C3+ Holter monitor. We found two patients with Atrial Fibrillation, and we have had two
patients who afterwards had a pacemaker implanted. By implementing the project this way, we are
convinced that we have found patients who would not have been found otherwise.

— Dr. Morten Sørensen, Brønshøj Centre of Medical Doctors

Introducing the C3⁺ Holter Monitor


Record three channels sampled at 256Hz without any wires. The device can store recordings of up to 25 days and has a battery capacity of up to 7 days.


Generate automated reports using Cortrium Analysis System to support diagnostic decisions. Upload your recording and receive an automated report which is quality controlled by humans.

Medical certification

The C3⁺ is a certified class IIa medical device. Click here to review the technical and regulatory information.

Leightweight & effortless

The 32 gramm device is made to fit both female and male anatomies. It's as small as 85 x 80 x 15 mm. Start recordings with a single button press.

Detailed look at the ECG signal

Preview ECG data with your iOS or Android device. The Cortrium C3⁺ app enables a detailed look at your heart rate, while the device is monitoring it.

Flexible pricing

Next to a full purchase, we offer a subscription model for the Holter Monitor and the automated reports.

Optimized arrhythmia management with the “Cardio-relay”-model and the Cortrium C3+ Holter Monitor

As part of a new feasibility study, the REAFEL study, the C3⁺ Holter Monitor and AI based analysis helped reduce the time from referral to diagnosis from 70 to 22 days and avoided hospital referrals in 73% of the cases.

More Information

“In the REAFEL study we investigate the collaboration between the cardiologists and the general practitioners (the cardio-relay concept): the patients stay close to their family doctor, either in the general practice (GP) office or receiving home visits. We have a dialogue with their GP to decide the need for monitoring of heart rhythm. This saves the patients from a lot of visits to the hospital. We have video consultations with the patients if they need it where their GP and their relatives also can participate. Hopefully, the REAFEL study will highlight the Cardio-Relay model and suggest that the collaboration between cardiologists and the General Practitioner could also be used in other situations.”

—Helena Dominguez, Cardiologist at Bispebjerg & Frederiksberg Hospitals, Associate Professor at UCPH

Scientific Research

C3+ Holter Monitor is instrumental in providing documentation for scientific research.

C3+ Holter Monitor is a CE-marked long-term ECG device. The convenient solution is frequently chosen to support clinical research covering topics from disease management to workflow optimisation.

Comparison between a traditional Holter system and AI-based automated analysis system based on "Cortrium C3⁺ Holter Monitor" - recordings

Novel devices and technologies are being adopted and used in healthcare settings at an unprecedented rate. The development of compact cableless and easy-to-use long term ECG recorders (Holter monitors) has a great potential in terms of lowering the resources required for screening and monitoring of arrhythmias in both ambulatory and in hospital settings. As these new devices are introduced to the clinic, it is important to validate against current clinical methods

The study is a method-comparison with the aim of answering the clinical question: can arrhythmias and cardiac events, such as ventricular beats, be measured by either method and get the same results? In cases of disagreement between the two systems, a trained cardiologist specialized in electrophysiology reviewed the ECG-reports in order to establish ground truth.


Curated list of relevant clinical documentation and scientific research related to Cortrium's Holter Monitor

C3+ Holter Monitor is an innovative ambulatory long term ECG recorder (Holter monitor), intended for recording a three-channel ECG and accelerometer data (movement) for up to 7 days, for use in both healthcare and home environments. The C3+ is easy to manage and minimally interfering, records continuously and stores all data directly in the internal memory.

The following clinical studies validate the C3+ Holter monitor.



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