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Copenhagen, April 28, 2020 – In recent weeks, a disturbingly high number of case reports have been published by hospitals across Europe, reporting on corona patients who died of sudden cardiac arrest without serious lung complications during the course of the viral disease. Available Chinese cohort data show that arrhythmias were present in 16.7% of 138 corona patients, but this was not further classified.

To investigate if cardiac arrhythmias is an overlooked complication of COVID-19, Ass. prof. Dr. Morten Kjøbek Lamberts from Herlev-Gentofte Hospital (Copenhagen) in partnership with Dr. Erik S. Poulsen from Cortrium ApS (Copenhagen) will conduct a study across several sites over the next three months. The “ACOVID” study is intended to provide researchers and clinicians with explanations as to whether coronavirus has an effect on heart activity and if so, which effects.

COVID-19 patients are examined using the new innovative C3+ long-term ECG Holter Monitor from the Danish company Cortrium. The Cortrium C3+ is cordless and easy to attach to the patient with only three adhesive electrodes. The automated analysis of ECG data saves time for medical staff and gives a unique possibility to deliver scientific evidence without delay during the next three months. The results of the study will help guide physicians and authorities in the treatment of patients with COVID-19.

The Danish manufacturer Ambu A/S sponsors the study by providing the long-term disposable electrodes (e.g. Ambu BlueSensor™ ECG electrodes).

The ACOVID study itself is financially supported by Innovation Fund Denmark.

Press contact:

Claus Bildsøe Astrup, Cheif Commercial Officer

Cortrium Aps

Phone +45 31320649, Mail: cba@cortrium.com

Background Information

Herlev-Gentofte University Hospital (Copenhagen)

Herlev-Gentofte Hospital houses the Copenhagen Cardiovascular Research Center focusing on nationwide register studies, large-scale clinical trials both independent and in conjunction with industry, and innovative research with emerging new technologies.


Associate Professor Morten Lamberts, MD, PhD, Principal Investigator on the ACOVID study

Morten Lamberts has a strong background within areas of pharmacoepidemiology and has increasingly focused on clinical implementable technologies. Morten Lamberts is newly appointed Innovation Ambassador at Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Copenhagen. A position that includes facilitating clinical ideas for implementation to the next stage whether it would be proof-of-concept guidance or need for support and financing opportunities. Also, bridging the gap between the academical and clinical world with other shareholders within technical universities, private companies and large foundations is a key aspect.

For questions regarding the study please contact Associate professor Morten Lamberts [morten.kjoebek.lamberts@regionh.dk, +45 38681169]

Cortrium Aps

Cortrium is a Danish medical technology company founded in Copenhagen in 2014. Cortrium develops state-of-the-art, medically approved, ambulant long-term ECG monitors. The company offers innovative and user-friendly solutions that are compatible with both stand-alone and cloud-based analysis software.

“At Cortrium, we believe that the C3+ Holter Monitor will significantly advance the digitization of healthcare in Europe and simplify daily practice. With our profound medical expertise and technical knowledge, we developed a product that fit today’s healthcare market and will shape tomorrow’s healthcare market – for the benefit of physicians and patients alike”.

Interested in learning more about the C3+ Holter Monitor?

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For scientific questions please contact:

Erik S. Poulsen, MD, MSc, Cheif Scientific Officer at Cortrium

Phone +45 25825835, Mail: Erik.Poulsen@cortrium.com


Erik S. Poulsen, MD, MSc, CSO at Cortrium

Erik Poulsen is a medical doctor and holds a master’s degree in biomedical engineering. Hewlett Packard (HP) and WIRED (an American trade magazine) have recognized him and his work and even awarded him the title “Healthcare Reinventor 2017” in this context. Dr. Poulsen is a graduate of Singularity University and Harvard Business School and a lecturer at the Wharton School of Business. Due to his many years of practical experience both as a medical doctor and as an engineer, he was looking for an easy way to record and analyze heart arrhythmias. The result of his work is the C3+ Holter.

Ambu A/S

Ambu has been bringing the solutions of the future to life since 1937. Today, millions of patients and healthcare professionals worldwide depend on the efficiency, safety and performance of our single-use endoscopy, anaesthesia, and patient monitoring & diagnostics solutions. The manifestations of our efforts have ranged from early innovations like the Ambu® Bag™ resuscitator and the Ambu® BlueSensor™ electrodes to our newest landmark solutions like the Ambu® aScope™ – the world’s first single-use flexible endoscope. Moreover, we continuously look to the future with a commitment to deliver innovative quality products that have a positive impact on the work of healthcare professionals. Headquartered near Copenhagen in Denmark, Ambu employs approximately 3,500 people in Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific. For more information, please visit ambu.com or Ambu on LinkedIn

Innovation Fund Denmark

The Innovation Fund Denmark creates a good framework for entrepreneurs, researchers and companies in Denmark to develop innovative and viable solutions to the concrete challenges facing society. All projects are subject to requirements in terms of commitment, transparency, education and community ethics. More about Innovation Fund Denmark can be found at www.innovationsfonden.dk