Introducing the new C3⁺ Holter Monitor


Record three channels sampled at 256Hz without any wires. The device can store recordings of up to 25 days and has a battery capacity of up to 7 days.


Analyse your data using Artificial Intelligence. Generate automated reports using Cardiomatics to support diagnostic decisions.

Medical certification

The C3⁺ is a certified class IIa medical device. Click here to review the technical and regulatory information.

Leightweight & effortless

The 32 gramm device is made to fit both female and male anatomies. It's as small as 85 x 80 x 15 mm. Start recordings with a single button press.

Live monitoring

Access ECG data live. The Cortrium app works on iOS devices and enables a detailed look at your heart rate, while the device is monitoring it.

Competitive pricing

Next to a full purchase, we offer a leasing - and a subscription model. Qualified physicians can request a trial.

„Cortrium hebt sich von den Mitbewerbern dadurch ab, dass dieses Unternehmen nicht nur innovative Langzeit-EKGs und insgesamt qualitativ hochwertige Produkte herstellt, sondern auch dadurch, dass der Kundenservice wirklich großgeschrieben und die Kundenwünsche umfassend berücksichtigt werden. Made in Denmark genießt unser volles Vertrauen.“

- Dr. C. Sack, Medicum Tegernsee

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