C3 Holter Monitor

Easy to use

Easy to wear

PC Integration

USB connection

Easy data transfer

Cloud Enablement

Third party software API

Cloud Storage


Standard reporting tools

Data analytics capability

Why choose the C3?

With the C3 you get access to a faster and easier way of

screening your patients for heart arrhythmia.


The C3 records high quality 3 channel ECG, is lightweight and

has 48h battery life.

Healthcare personnel are saying

“The C3 allows a faster and more efficient way of

monitoring patients.”


“The C3 is easy to attach and connect and all in all a

helpful tool with great potential.”

Patients are saying

A“The C3 is liberating to wear compared to other Holter Monitors.”


“It is discrete and does not get in the way of daily activities.”


“It was easy to both attach and remove the device when taking a shower.”


Three channels

24 bit @ Fs=250Hz

Internal Memory

8GB micro SD

Up to 14 days storage

Size & Weight

Weight: 30 grams

Length: 80mm

Height: 17mm


3.7V rechargeable Li-Ion battery

Minimum 48 hours recording

Recharged using micro USB



About Cortrium

Cortrium is a Danish med-tech company founded in 2014, which produces state of the art medically certified Ambulatory ECG Monitors. Our goal is to deliver open and easily accessible devices integrating with both stand alone and cloud based 3rd party analysis software. With the C3 Holter Monitor this is now possible.

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We would love to hear about your interest in Cortrium or the C3 Holter Monitor. Whether you are interested in utilizing the C3 in research, have ideas on how to implement it in a project or wish to take advantage of the device as a Holter monitor, we want to hear from you!


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